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Pleroma Missions is an indigenous, trans-denominational bible teaching and missions-oriented Ministry. The ministry is located in Nigeria with its headquarters in Anyigba, Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi state.

The ministry came into being in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Eight (1988) through a servant of God, Tokunbo Salami who was commissioned to labour in the Gospel in Igala land and beyond.

The Vision
God is presently preparing the grounds in all the earth for a stupendous deep-seated and far reaching outpouring of His Spirit. As a result of this great outpouring of God’s Spirit upon the earth, there shall be a massive in-gathering of souls into God’s Kingdom known as the End-Time Harvest.

The Middle-Belt of Nigeria, Kogi State and specifically Igala land shall be recipients of this coming stupendous move. To this end, God has commissioned PLEROMA MISSIONS as a spiritual catalyst to:

  1. Prepare the ground for revival
  2. Help preserve gains of the coming Revival
Our vision is to disciple, mobilize, recruit, train and commission men from Igala land and the Middle-Belt in general who will go into the unreached people groups of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

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Arms of the ministry
There are 4 major arms or departments of PLEROMA MISSIONS:

  1. Prayer Mobilization Department
  2. Discipleship Training Department
  3. Missions Mobilization Department
  4. Research and Media Department
Scope of the Ministry
The operations of PLEROMA MISSIONS are presently being carried out in 5 major general locations or fields.
  1. Anyigba: this is where the headquarters of the ministry is located. The director, Tokunbo Salami, his wife and 2 others handle the work here. The major thrust of the work here is the Anyigba Discipleship Class.
  2. Bassa Field: this was opened up in 1997. The work here focuses on the Bassa Komo and the Egbura Tribes.
  3. Itobe Field: This field was opened up in 1999. There is presently 2 staff overseeing 4 Igala-speaking churches.
  4. Kakanda Field: This field was opened up in the year 2000. The focus is to reach the 100% Islamic Kakanda amongst whom only 1 believer has been found.
  5. Kupa Field: This field was opened up in August 2002. The focus is to reach the kupas who are as well 100% Islamic with no known Christian

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There are presently 14 full-time staff of PLEROMA MISSIONS stationed on the various fields:

  • Tokunbo Salami – he serves as the director of Pleroma Missions.
  • Funmi Salami (Mrs.) - serves as Assistant Director and heads the Research and Media department.
  • Samuel & Mary Joseph – serve as Itobe Field leader and head the Ministry’s Prayer Mobilization Department. They reside in Agula, Ofu Local Government Area
  • Victor Okpanachi Umoru – He co-ordinates the Anyigba Discipleship work and heads the discipleship Training Department
  • Simon & Comfort Edogbanya – serve as Bassa field leaders and Simon heads the Ministry’s Missions Mobilization Department. They resides in Sheria.
  • Chide Gabriel – She is involved in an outreach to young ladies. She resides in Anyigba.
  • Caroline Ejah – she is our missionary amongst the Kakandas. She resides in Budon, Lokoja Local Government Area.
  • Joshua Adediran – He serves as a missionary pastor in Itobe field. He resides at Onwaji, Ofu Local Government Area.
  • Nathaniel Udalor – He is our missionary amongst the Kupas and resides in Abugi Headquaters of Kupa District of Lokoja Local Government Area.
  • Adedapo and Adefunke Daniels – They serve on the Bassa field and presently reside in Kpanche.
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Mark Your Calendar Now! Mark Your Calendar Now!! Mark Your Calendar Now!!!


  1. Pleroma Worker’s Retreat – 3rd – 6th January, 2005
  2. Friends of Pleroma Day - 12th February, 2005
  3. Transformation 2005, Kogi State University. - 13th – 16th January, 2005
  4. Pleroma School of Ministry -27th March-2nd April, 2005

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  1. Ask the Lord to enable us fulfill His divine commission for us in Pleroma Missions more efficiently, with all diligence and faithfulness in this year 2005.
  2. Pray for Brother Tokunbo Salami, the Director of Pleroma Missions. Ask the Lord to grant him a new sensitivity and yieldedness to the Holy Spirit, wisdom, renewed grace and strength to lead the affairs of the ministry. Pray that he will faithfully fulfill all the will of God in this regard.
  3. Pray for ALL the staff of Pleroma Missions. Pray for renewed grace and strength on their lives to discharge their ministries in the year 2005. Pray for present complete knowledge and understanding of God's will for their lives this year and that they will be faithful to fulfill God's revealed purpose for their lives. Pray also that they will continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of God, being daily conformed t the image of Christ while serving the Lord during this year.
  4. Pray for the ‘Friends of Pleroma Day’ 2005 slated for 12th February, 2005. Ask for understanding and clearer vision for all who will participate in the event and grace to faithfully commit themselves to fulfill their roles in the burden and vision God has given Pleroma Missions.
  5. Pray for the annual February Short-Term mission outreach scheduled to hold at Itobe field from 14th-20th February, 2005. Ask the Lord to make the hearts of the people of Agula and environs receptive to the gospel of Christ. Bind the forces of darkness that militate against the gospel in that area and break their powers from over the lives of the people. Pray for their conversion to Christ and the edification of the Church of God there. Pray the Lord to make his servants who will preach the gospel to do so with power, signs and miracles to confirm their message.
  6. Pray for the four departments of Pleroma Missions- Discipleship and Leadership Training; Prayer; Missions Awareness and Mobilization and Research And Media Departments. Ask the Lord to give their leaders wisdom, direction and prompt initiative to lead their respective departments according to God's will. Pray for efficient functioning of each department.
  7. Make intercession for Bassa Kwomu Land. Pray against witchcraft, occultism among the youth, disunity in the Church and from backwardness and inferiority complex. Pray for peace and spiritual growth among the believers.
  8. Pray for Brother Nathaniel Udalor (Kupa Field) as he prepares for his wedding slated for 28th April, 2005. Ask the Lord to prepare him and his fiancée Mercy Odeh in every respect for their union. Pray for their home to a pace where God's presence will abide and for God's Purpose to be accomplished in and through their home.

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Contact Information

Address: 75, Old Egume Road, P.O. Box 51, Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria. 272102

Email Addresses:pleroma@ugane.org
pleromamissions@hotmail.com / pleromamissions2002@yahoo.com

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