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The Reconcilers’ Ministry is an Non-denominational Missionary Organisation which came as a brainchild of vision. God gave a specific vision of reaching out to the Igalas to this Ministry in 1978. It started as an Igala Gospel singing group. The founding vessels were then students, majority of whom were of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and the Kaduna Polytechnic.

The Reconcilers’ Ministry was incorporated under the laws of Nigeria on the 5th day of November, 1988. It is a Missionary Organisation which the Lord raised with the primary vision of mobilizing individuals, groups and churches for mass evangelism & missions in Igalaland and beyond. It seeks to train and deploy missionaries to evangelise and train disciples amongst indigenous tribes. The Ministry has also extended its frontiers to several villages and settlements in Edo State, Enugu State and Benue State respectively.

Our Vision, Mission & Mandate are as succinctly set forth in II Cor. 5:18-21 …. “And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the Ministry of Reconciliation” verse 18. Our Mission is to reconcile two parties who are enemies or have become estranged. The two parties in this case are God and the Igala man. We are the official representatives of the Government of heaven to the Igala man in his natural, unadulterated state whose back is turned against God.

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The Igalas are said to be the 9th largest tribe in Nigeria with a population of over 2 million people based on a growth rate of 2.83% (NPC 1963 figure) and a land mass of over 16,000 square kilometers. They are now over 5 million people. They are known and recognized everywhere as hardworking people, they are strategically sound, BUT:

(i). Their Temporal condition – dire poverty, poor homes, long toil, unrelieved sufferings etc

(ii). Their Moral condition:- filthy and degrading habits, abominable practices, unmentionable cruelties, moral corruption, witch-craft etc.

(iii). Their Spiritual condition:- bound by false religion, lost in all dimension spiritually, Moslems are advancing rapidly in the land. Catholics take a fair share of the lot. Active evangelicals are fewer than we really can imagine. Many of these are only nominal professing believers.


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1. The aim of our mission to the Igalas and Igalaland (including the Bassas, Idomas, the Ebira Mozum and Kakandas) is to make Christ known to all men as the saviour from sin.

2. It is a distinctive aim, a spiritual aim. Our work is not commercial, political, not even philanthropic.

3. It is a unique aim. It claims that all IGALAS, irrespective of class or station in life are lost and need to be saved in exactly the same way, by having their sins cleansed in the blood of Jesus.

4. It is a determining aim. It rules our spirits and control our methods. All our energies are to be spent in this one direction.


Our area of Ministry so far have been the following:-

- Missions Mobilisation
- Missions Awareness Programmes
- Missions Training Programmes
- Discipleship
- Church Planting
- Rural Development Projects
- Literacy Evangelism
- Rural Health-Care Delivery
- Welfare & Mercy Ministries etc


The Ministry has a Board of Trustees and a functional Executive Committee. The Board of Trustees is the Policy making body of the Ministry. The Executive body carries on the day to day activities and programmes of the Ministry. The Board of Trustees has Dr. Attah Abdullahi Haruna of the Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja as its Chairman. Joe Abrahams is the President of the Ministry. The Ministry at the moment has 7 Resident missionaries on the field, and other volunteer Missionaries that help in follow-up programmes and activities.

A combined meeting of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee constitute the Governing Council of the Ministry.


1. Dr. Attah Abdullahi Haruna – Lecturer, Head of Department, with Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, married to Ruth who also is a Lecturer with Kogi Polytechnic. They are a family of Three (3). Dr. Haruna is the Chairman, Board of Trustees and an Elder with the United Evangelical Chuch in Nigeria.

2. Joe Abrahams is a retired Chief Magistrate and now practices Law in Abuja, Nigeria. Married to Mary who is a Teacher in a Secondary School. They are a family of Five (5) Joe is the President of the Ministry.

3. Engr. Friday Ugbenyo is a Lecturer with the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State of Nigeria. He is married to Ruth and they are a family of Six (6). He is a Trustee of the Ministry and Director, Prayer and Mobilization.

4. Mr. Paul Audu is a Chartered Accountant and a Banker. He works in Lagos, Nigeria. He is married to Ochonia and they are a family of Six (6). Mr. Paul Audu is a Trustee of the Ministry.

5. Elder Dan E. Itanyi is a Lecturer with the Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna, Nigeria. He is married to Mary. They are a family of Seven (7). Dan is a Trustee of the Ministry and Deputy President.

6. Pastor Akoh Abrahams is a Hospital Administrator with Holley Memorial Hospital, Ochadamu, in Kogi State of Nigeria. He is married to Helen. They are a family of Seven (7). Akoh is a Trustee of the Ministry.

7. Mrs. Ruth Omolugwu is married to Jonah. They are both members of the Ministry. Ruth is a Trustee of the Ministry. They are a family of Six (6).

8. Dr. Paul Omaji is a Lecturer and an academician resident in Western Australia. He is married to Alice. They are a family of Six (6) and are all resident in Australia. Paul is a founding member and a Trustee of the Ministry.

9. Barrister Philip Abalaka is a Practicing Lawyer based in Abuja. He is married to Sarah and they are a family of Four (4). He is Director, Legal Matters and Administration.

10. Mr. Mike Davies works with the American Embassy in Lagos. He is married to Hope Davies. They are a family of Five (5). Mike Davies is the Director, Secretarial Services & Correspondence.

11. Bala Adown works with the Kogi State Polytechnic (Osara Campus) as a Lecturer. He is married to Justina. They are a family of Seven (7). He is the Director, Music Department.

12. Bamaiyi Dans Ati is an Estate Surveyor and practices in Abuja. He is married to Pauline, a nurse. They are a family of Four (4). Bamaiyi deputises for Mike Davies.

13. Barrister Ben Ogwo is a Lecturer with the Kogi State University, Anyigba. He is married to Ajuma. They both have Four (4) children. Ben is the Kogi State Chapter coordinator of the Ministry.

14. Engr. John Ekele is a specialist in Electronic/Electrical installations and maintenance. We works with the Ahmadu Bello University, (ABU) Zaria. He is married with children. He is the Zaria Chapter coordinator of the Ministry.


The Ministry at the moment has three (3) functional fields located in Igalaland and in Igbo-Eze North LGA of Enugu State. The fields are;

1. Ette Mission Field – Made up of Aishi and Ijekpe Mission Stations (with 4 resident Missionaries).

2. Ika Mission Field – With a Missionary resident in Achele Village.

3. Obagwu Mission Field – With 2 resident Missionaries at Adula.


1. Obedience to the command of Christ. Matt. 28:19, Mark 16:15.
2. Acceptance of the will of God for our lives. Eph. 2:10, Rom. 12:1,2.
3. A passion for the souls of men. Psalms 126:6, Matt. 9:36
4. A desire to preach the gospel, to beseech them to turn to God. Acts 3:26, Ezekiel 33:11
5. To teach the whole counsel of God. Heb. 5:12.
6. To identify with indigenous churches and/or groups that will become sell-propagating. Titus 1:5


We strongly believe that the life of service is an unselfish life, not serving self but serving others (II Cor. 5:15).

“Should not henceforth live unto themselves”. Christ has saved us. He has purchased us. He has redeemed us. He must have all and possess all. If salvation were the object of life, then we could be translated at conversion, straight to heaven. We are saved to serve. He is the potter, we are the clay. He is the Master. We are the servant. He is the Lord and we know we must obey orders. Jesus said to Peter, “if you love me, feed my sheep and lambs (John 21:15-17).

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The Reconcilers’ Christian Resource Centre (RCRC) is a complex which provides for the Religious, Educational, Spiritual and Recreational purposes to serve the Body of Christ within Igalaland and its environs. The Centre, when completed, will provide functional spaces for the following:-

* Office Block
* Staff Quarters
* School of Missions & Ministry (SMM)
* Library
* Auditorium (to sit 5,000 people)
* Hostel Complex
* Christian Rest House (CRH)
* Sports Field & Garden
* Farm Centre & Prayer Garden
* Converts Rehabilitation Centre (CRC)


The development of this concept involves the following guidelines;

a). Bringing people together to be closer to God
b). The architectural approach which aims at turning moral and spiritual lives of people towards God and better living.
c). Meeting the spiritual needs of the youth, elders and children, men and women all over the world.

This concept is in line with the cardinal aim of the Ministry which could be summarized as follows:

i). God and Man for Salvation & Hope
ii). Man and Man for love and Compassion
iii). Denomination for Unity and Fellowship
iv). Man and Himself for Peace and Health.

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The Centre is located in an area which is central to the catchment area of the Ministry’s principal vision. Some of the essential considerations include the ease of accessibility, availability of utilities for quick communication and natural essential services such as flowing streams, environmental orientations and day lighting etc.

It is intended that the design of the Centre would therefore avoid terrific and frightening features that can be usually distressing to people. Inscriptions that can depress the heart and encourage doubts would be completely avoided. But rather, inscriptions that will BREAK DOWN a SINNER and bring such to be CONVERTED of his or her SIN, and structures that point the NEED for being RECONCILED to God would always be encouraged.

Furthermore, each unit system will be such that will achieve the spiritual balance envisaged. Each facility is therefore unique, safe and will make positive contribution to the efficient attainment of the facility’s goals, and satisfy the psychological and spiritual needs of the users and staff.

The Complex and Centre if completed, would be utilized to provide all the vital components of a modern Christian centre.


With good soil available, adequate rainfall and sunshine, agricultural investment will be vital as a tool of rehabilitation. Farming on a fairly large scale will therefore be a priority.



FSP affords you the opportunity to adopt a Preacher/Teacher posted to a new mission station. The sponsorship is limited to a minimum sum of N5,000.00 per month per station. You can thus maintain a preacher and his family for a whole year with the sum of N60,000.00 only.

At the moment, more villages have cried to us to post to them a missionary/teacher to help nurture and shepherd the new converts in their respective villages.

If the Lord is laying a burden on your heart for these people, do please indicate your interest by writing to the National Headquarters of the Ministry or by contacting any of the persons listed herein. The Lord will bless the work of your hands richly. Maranatha!


At the Reconcilers’ Ministry, opportunity for Missionary Service is afforded workers in both public service and private sector so that their annual leave or short vacations can be used for the Master’s service. It affords you the rare opportunity to come face to face with those living in the dark places of the earth, who live in perpetual fear of the unknown and who are harassed by the devil at his whims and caprices.
For more enquiries please conta

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Please contact

Any of the following:

Mr. Paul Audu
(UTB V/Island, Lagos)
Tel. No: 01-2616220, 01-889329
Tel. No: 08033050580, 08046129618

Elder Dan Itanyi
No.2A, Keffi Road,
GRA Barnawa, Kaduna.
Tel. No: 08023322414

Dr. Attah Haruna
(Kogi Poly Lokoja)
Tel. No: 058-220525,
Tel. No: 08035874017

Mr. Friday Ugbenyo
Uniagric, Makurdi
Benue State.
Tel. No: 08043122574, 08045215583

Barrister Ben Ogwo
Field Office, No.70 Old Egume Rd,
Anyigba, Kogi State.
Tel. No: 08045114137, 08036096465

Barrister Philip Abalaka
Suite A20, Ibro Hotel Complex,
Wuse Zone 5, Abuja.
Tel. No: 08035967530

Barrister Joe Abrahams
Suite A20, Ibro Hotel Complex,
Wuse Zone 5, Abuja.
Tel. No: 09-5236361
Tel. No: 08033587323

Bamaiyi Ati
Tel. No: 08044102266, 08037877369

Bro. Marcus
NAFDAC, Oshodi, Lagos.
Tel. No: 01-866796

Bala Adown
Kogi Poly, Osara Campus
Kogi State.
Tel. No: 08035043021

Mike Davies
American Embassy
Tel. No: 01-2613926

Joe Abbah
Afrique Security
Victoria Island, Lagos
Tel. No: 01-4704394
Tel. No: 08033000878

Mona Gabriel
United Evangelical Church,
Oshodi, Lagos.
Tel. No: 08056633497

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We depend on God, through the partnership of His people to meet the great and enormous needs in this Ministry. The Ministry is in constant need of Mission Mobilisation items such as Motor Vehicles (Trucks), Motocycles Bicycles etc for rural roads. All gifts are duly acknowledged and used for their designated purposes. Contact any of the addresses above.

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- Being what you are and your position in God.
- Answered prayers in Divine Protection and provisions.
- Raising like-minded brethren who now fully share the Vision of the Ministry.
- His favour that is made manifest and real in the lives of the members of the Ministry on a daily basis.
- Bringing healing virtues upon individuals and families of the Ministry, particulary those that had it smooth and/or very rough, in the year 2004.
- The freedom of worship that we enjoy as Christians in Nigeria.
- The recent Outreach to Ogodu, Omala Local Government Area of Kogi State tagged Ogo-Ulatane 2004 and for the numerous lives that were positively touched by God himself.

- Divine breakthrough in the operations of the Ministry.
- The work of Mission in Ette, Obagwu and Achele fields that the workers be committed to their call to Ministry.
- Our friends and supporters that God will continue to give them the burden and the Grace to keep and sustain their Vision and commitment to work of Missions.
- Elder (Dr) Charles Uko and family who have moved from Port-Harcourt to Uyo that their Vision and burden for their people might find abundance of Grace with God.
- God’s constant intervention in the state of affairs in Nigeria politics.
- Unity amongst the Body of Christ all over the nation Nigeria.
- The new converts at Ogodu field that God will give them by His Power divine.
- Individual families of the Ministry that God will contribute to broaden our vision for Missions unto greater heights for His glory alone.
- The forth-coming National Convention holding in Ochadama that the gathering be not a conventional or ceremonial one, but that God in His mercy and love makes it a time of refreshing and lifting up of souls in commitment to call and service.
- Ministers of the Gospel in the land of our Vision (Igala land), that the Grace of God be made avalible to them in abundance so they could face the challenges of the time

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Contact Information

The Coordinator
The Reconcilers’ Ministry Inc.,
National Headquarters,
P.O. Box 8633, Wuse, Abuja – Nigeria
TEL: 234-9-5236361, 234-803-3587323, 234-804-4110850
E-mail: reconmin78@yahoo.com

Email Addresses:/ reconmin78@ugane.com

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