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The Lord gave the vision and the burden for the rural places and the Body of Christ in 1988 but actually started as Rural Mission in 1992 after some years of seeking the face of God. After a few years of working and with the burden for the Body of Christ, we took up the name Harvest House in 1995 with Rural Mission in bracket showing where we started from.


The vision of the Harvest House is to reach out to the unreached rural areas, first in Igala-Bassa land of Kogi State, then Nigeria and West Africa. Also to build the Body of Christ which is presently passing through a lot of problems. Hence our Mission Statement is REACHING THE UNREACHED, REVIVING, TEACHING AND BUILDING THE BODY OF CHRIST – THE CHURCH.

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(1) To do thorough survey and know the spiritual state of the rural areas (villages).
(2) To take the Gospel to the unreached areas especially in the interior and abandoned villages.
(3) To make disciples of every man in every nation.
(4) To train men and women who will take the gospel to the nooks and crannies where the Gospel has not reached.
(5) To bring the body of Christ together in the Unity of Faith through the teaching of the Word of God.
(6) To support the spread of the Gospel through fasting and praying.
(7) To actively encourage rural activities in Churches.
(8) To support other Ministries, Fellowships and Individuals who are desirous and sincere with the spread of the Gospel but lack the necessary fund, as the Lord provides.

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The Harvest House is involved in several works amongst which are:
(a) Research (d) Care
(b) Missions (e) Intercessory
(c) Crusades (f) Library

The Harvest House carries out thorough research work to know the spiritual state of our rural dwellers, and this is done village by village. Many villages have been surveyed and the work is still on as there are over a thousand villages in Igala-Bassa land alone, apart from the rest two senatorial districts in the state.

The findings from the survey enable us to know the needs of each village as we go on outreaches to these villages. The findings as well will be published out for the sake of other ministries coming in to enable them know where and how to labour.

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The Harvest House after the findings from our research work always goes on mission outreaches. Our major Mission Outreach normally comes up during the Christmas period. Almost everybody celebrate Christmas including the Muslims and the African traditional religionists. But none of these know the reason for Christmas. For this reason we always take the message to their doorsteps in their various villages. This is mostly to where there is no single Church.

This Mission Outreach carries several other benefits along for these rural dwellers such as clothing, food items and the rest as the Lord will provide to alleviate their sufferings. This Mission Outreach lasts for one week.

This Mission Outreach tagged, “RURAL INVASION” goes in the 2nd week of every month. This runs for four days every month.

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Since our major aim is to frustrate the works and activities of Satan and enthrone Jesus as KING over every nation, we always challenge the kingdom of the devil anywhere we hear of its activities. This we do in a long fasting and prayers as the Lord will direct us before which we round off with a 3-day powerful crusade after the breaking of the fast.

The crusade holds mostly once a year (in the month of October) except where God will want us to hold it more than once. This is done in both villages and towns even if there are churches there.

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(d) CARE
As we go about the works of the Master here God brought us in contact with several people who are in need.

In this part of the world the widows and orphans are mal-treated. As a result, God placed a very big burden upon our hearts for these set of people. In response to this, the “CARE” arm was introduced to cater for the needs of these people. Some of them are already adopted. More than seven of theses orphans are being sponsored in their academic pursuit under this “CARE” arm of the ministry at their various levels. About two widows are yet among the beneficiary of this arm. Our hearts are still open to yet adopt more trusting God to provide for them.

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This House is also called into burden bearing. Because of the state of things in the land we are compelled to be interceding on behalf of the land. This we have been deeply involved in over the years. To add to this, the Lord has led us into organizing meetings tagged, “FASTING CAMP” to raise intercessors around the land.

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In order to help increase the knowledge of as many whose hearts are longing for God, the Lord helped us to start library services. The service is open to all ministers in the land, Church workers and all Believers. The library is a place where you came, stay if you wish to, and read as many books as you can or borrow them home for some days before you return them. We have messages on audio and video tapes from notable Men of God in the library too.

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Harvest House is blessed with three permanent (fulltime) staff along with the Director. The staff are:
1. Pastor Adopted Jephthah – Director
2. Pastor Sani Isa Emmanuel – who is coordinating the work in Abocho area
3. Pastor Monday Bakwo – who is coordinating the work in Ankpa and
4. Sister Lydia Onoja – labouring at Emakoji in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State.

Pastor And Mrs. Adopted Jepthah

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Harvest House is having its operational headquarters office presently at No.37, Ojogobi Road, Ankpa in Kogi State of Nigeria. We have our Mission Station presently opened at Ofafu Road, Abocho in Dekina Local Government. This was done in response to the strong need of that area to enable us get closer and be able to feel their plight and help them out.

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Since our focus mainly is to the darkest place of the earth, we always open up virgin lands for Christ. This we do through our mission outreaches to places where there are no Churches. God has led us to several villages of such. Some of these mission fields have been handed over after some years of follow-up by our missionaries, to Churches and Ministries who can care for them.

Meanwhile, because of the treatment being given to these handed over fields by the successors we decided to withhold the subsequent ones trusting God to help us maintain them. These fields are Ebeje Erabo and Ajibedo all in Dekina Local Government of Kogi State in Nigeria.

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The great commission is a command given to the whole Body of Christ, the Church. In order to bring the whole Body to the full realization of this fact, the ministry also embarks on Mission Awareness Seminars in Churches, Higher Institutions and Conferences with the aim at challenging the Christians to the task of praying, giving and going into missions which is the heartbeat of God either on full term, long term or short term.

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Apart from our monthly outreaches to the rural areas in the land, God has been able to press upon our heart some other meetings for the year are as listed below:

January 2004
1st - 31st: Intercessors (Fasting Festival)
22nd - 25tht: Workers' Retreat (Ankpa)
April 2004
13th - 18th: Prayer Convocation
June 2004
1st - 30th: Intercessors (Fasting Festival)
July 2004
1st - 4th: Workers' Retreat (Egume)
August 2004
24th - 28th: Prayer Convocation
November 2004
1st - 30th: Intercessors (Fasting Revival)
December 2004
22nd - 28th: Christmas Mission

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Since the Great Commission is task given to every member of the Body of Christ, the involvement is for everybody at all levels. There are various ways by which any man can be involved. Some of these are:

- As full time staff in the office or in the fields as a missionary.

- As a prayer partner to be praying for the ministry.

- As a worker: to be a member of the ministry and involved in all aspects of the work financially, morally and otherwise.

- Short term mission involvement: during holidays, annual leaves, weekends and free periods.

- Coordinate discipleship classes in the rural areas and through it raise labourers who can be sent into the unreached villages.

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  1. Pray for more labourers to enhance the efficiency of the works in this ministry.
  2. Pray for more of God's grace upon the staff of the ministry.
  3. Pray that God will enlarge our vision and cause it to wax brighter.
  4. Pray for all our labour that God will cause them to flourish.
  5. In our Church for all projects, pray that God will provide for all that we need to give each village a Church building especially the Ajibedo Church that is still under construction.
  6. The two offices - Ankpa and Abocho Mission Stations are in serious need of two strong motorcycles that will be fit for the rural works. Pray that God will provide for these needs.

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Contact Information

Address: No.37, Ojogobi Road, Ankpa, Kogi State, Nigeria.


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