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By Tokunbo Salami, Pleroma Missions

There is a Divine Enterprise our Father God is involved in. This Divine Enterprise has been the eternal concern of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It was this Divine Enterprise that made the Eternal Son of God take upon Himself the nature of a human and to be born as a man.

The death of the Son of God upon the cross was for the fulfillment of this Divine Enterprise. The precious bloodshed, the Word of God given to Man, The Holy Spirit sent from above - all was for the fulfillment of this Divine Enterprise.

The Divine Enterprise we speak about does not have money or financial gain as its focus. Rather the focus, the pursuit of the Divine Enterprise is the salvation of souls. The Divine Enterprise is concerned about sinners becoming saints and perishing souls being liberated; the Divine Enterprise concerns itself with how dark
places of the Earth - habitations of cruelty can receive the Light of knowledge of the true God.

Over the decades and centuries, men and woman who are wise have always volunteered their lives and services for the fulfillment of this divine mandate. Wise men and women have always made themselves available to partner with the Godhead for the success of the Divine Enterprise.

Wise men and women have always made themselves available to partner with the Godhead for the success of the Divine Enterprise. Simeon and Anna the prophetess were of the company of such wise men and women. They invested PRAYERS, much fervent and effectual prayers for the savior to be successfully born and for Him to succeed in His earthly Ministry. By doing so, they became partners with God in the Divine Enterprise.

Of such a company were Mary Magdalene and the women whose names were listed in Luke 8:2&3. Instead of squandering their riches and substances on themselves, they invested it on the Lord and His
Divine Enterprise. Because they made their money available to the Master, the Gospel was preached in their days.

Peter, James, John, Andrew, Thomas and others forsook their families, their jobs and other legitimate comforts of this world in order to go and preach the gospel to the lost. In the process they also became partners in the Divine Enterprise.

Time would fail me to speak of numerous others who prayed, who gave or who went for the cause of the Gospel. Some offered their upper rooms and houses, while others offered their donkeys. These all became partners in the Divine Enterprise.

In our time there are numerous vacancies for men and women who will participate in this Divine Enterprise of winning souls. The work of missions and evangelism is lacking willing hands and financial resources in our time. There is scarcity of human and material resources consciously given to missions and evangelism.

Whereas the church in United States of America is by far the richest in the world today, statistics reveal that only 10% of the Churches' total wealth goes to winning souls and missions. Heaven sighs and moans at the gross misplacement of priorities that has led to this scenario. Even if the Church if Christ worldwide increased
her giving to missions and evangelism by as little as 5%, its impact would be far reaching in getting the Gospel to millions more and enabling many missionaries suffering much deprivation on their fields to receive succour.

Beloved, have you also become a partner in this Divine Enterprise? Have you started to invest in this noble cause which holds great promises of large returns both in this world and in the one to come? Are you willing to PRAY, GIVE and GO for missions?

Many enterprises are attracting investors in our time. Thousands are investing time and money in politics, sports and the banking sector, but where are the investors in God's kingdom? Where are the wise men who will invest in the Divine Enterprise, buying up shares in the unfading kingdom?

There is still a great opportunity for you dear friend to fulfill your portion of the Great Commission now! Stop giving excuses, stop complaining and stop delaying obedience to the urge of the Holy Spirit. Arise Now and become a participator in the Divine Enterprise.

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